Wow. It’s been three days since I returned from the Martial Arts conference and I’m still grappling with the lessons learned there. Within the course of two days my world suddenly became a much bigger place. More about that on the Martial Arts Page.

One of the other projects I’m involved in when I’m not at work is setting up a Theatre Company. I’ve been involved in theatre for a number of years on a college basis. Basically, the theatre scene here is Rochester, well… kinda sucks. We have one major professional theatre here in town that stages good stuff from time to time. But the majority of their stuff is way too safe. The rest of the professional and semi pro groups in town are a pretty mixed bag at best. Any hoo, I’m documenting our progress in the creation of the company on my Theatre Page. I’ll have a report up later today on our meeting with the associate director of University of Rochester’s International Theatre Program.

Other than that I’ve been fighting exhaustion and a bit of depression. My body is trying to recover from the weekend. I’m feeling a lot better as I got more sleep last night. Night’s here have been very hot and I’m too cheap to get AC. Oh, check out the new look of Julia’s Blog! I need to get on the ball and add links to my friends blogs from this page. *Sigh* So much to do and such little time….