Aaron’s blog has been getting traffic from web searches on “Martha Steward Nude” (ugg… there’s a mental picture I won’t be rid of any time soon). Any hoo, I was curious to see where he popped up on Google. So I bravely plunked in “Martha Stewart Nude.” Among the sites I got back was Odd Google a collection of weird refers from Google to people’s blogs. Aaron, while Martha Stewart Nude (there goes that picture again) seems bad, read through the list ’cause you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. My personal favorite is the 6th entry from the top on this page.

in other news my friends rock!

That says it all! Abby just returned from LA and brought me this cool Muppet’s postcard from Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park. Plus she learned to surf while she was out there (which has been a long time dream of hers!)

Closer to home Julia once again met and talked briefly with both Senator Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. She and Matt also got a picture snapped with the former first lady. (digression: is it former “first lady?” I seem to think that is usually the way the news refers to her and other first lady’s after their husbands leave office. Kinda sucks, I mean ex-presidents are still referred to as presidents, but their wives have the titles pulled out from under them.) Any hoo, it’s good to know that friends are, for the most part running Jamestown NY, and the surrounding areas.

But most importantly, about all my friends, they have all been very excepting of my Alyson Hannigan admission. Well, all of them except Joel… but he’ll get his… he’ll get his… mu-ha-ha-ha