restraining order

Some very nice lawyers contacted me about Saturday night’s entry. Apparently in some people’s opinion I went a little “over the top.” They expressed their concern and informed me that there was now a little thing called a “court order” preventing me from watching Buffy or ever discussing her in a blog again. I hope something similar was filed against the band that wrote the song about her.

… Oh, the nice lawyers also mentioned that after me they’d be talking to some girl who’s been obsessing over John Cusack… something about stalking him in Toronto.

Back in the real world: I have to admit that Saturday’s probably was a little too “rabid fanish” (like 12 year old N*SYNC fan style…. unfortunately being that I’m 27 it’s a hell of a lot more creepy). Joel has already shitcanned the idea of me every blogging again while in a strung out mood at 1.30 in the morning. In rereading it I did notice some phrasing really didn’t get the ideas across too well. So I have gone back and revised it a bit. I think it makes more sense, reads better… and even I have to admit the three paragraph graphic description of “our perfect date” was a bad idea.

Other than that, I have one hell of a kink in my neck. Yesterday, while working on some throws for martial arts, I must have taken a bad fall, as the right side of my neck doesn’t want to cooperate when it comes to tilting and bending. Looks like there is a visit to my chiropractor in the near future. Other than that I spent the weekend cleaning and working on Theatre stuff. Oh and I got to see Samurai Jack… very, very, very cool. An interesting mix of eastern and western animation/film presentation and ideals. With talking dogs of course.

side note I actually thought the AH blog was one of the funnier things I’d written. Which just goes to prove that humor is often a deeply subjective and personal thing…. It also goes to show that I’m probably much less funny than I think I am. And probably much more weird too…. :-P