she’s leaving home… bye, bye…

Di left today. She arrived in last night and we got the chance to see each other for a bit. We slept in this morning. I left for work. She packed her things and headed off to Pittsburgh.

The apartment seems a lot bigger with her stuff gone and I realize that I’m struggling to understand the new friendship/relationship dynamic that we have. I know it will work itself out over time. We’ll see what things will be like when we see each other next (in mid October).

So, in the mean time I guess I’m back on the dating scene. So Alyson if you want to get together drop me an e-mail. ;-p

dear god I’ve gone girlie

I’ve also noticed that my blogs and some of my actions offline have been, well, rather “chick-like.” First there was the Alyson blog that was something out of an issue of Tiger Beat. Then I blog about joining the YMCA and doing pilates. Then yesterday in an E.A.T. Team (our employee activity team) I suggested we do a spa day here at It was around that time that I noticed the disturbing trend. So I decided to forgo my original post today on my new diet I’ve also choose to cut upcoming blogs on the following subjects:

  • How I’m planning to tighten my abs and butt
  • Dreamy boy bands
  • How Rosie is just misunderstood

In their place I’m planning a series of blogs on manly subjects like:

  • Lifting heavy things
  • Sweat
  • Meat (especially Bar-B-Q’ed