You can’t handle it

It’s been quite the weekend. So let me start off with the weekly apology to Jenny:

I apologize in advance for any damage Aaron does to your home (or his).

Yesterday we all went bowling to celebrate Aaron’s birthday (also Patrik’s and Chuck’s). Any hoo, after failing to secure the Ninja Spiderman action figure I had hoped to (side note: How weird is the Ninja Spider concept? Basically it’s Spiderman, in his Spiderman costume, wearing a Ninja suit over it. Though that’s nowhere near as strange as the Extreme Sports Hero Spiderman.), I had to find another gift. After running out of ideas I thought: “Hey, Aaron could use some martial arts stuff….” While I was wise enough to stay away from the throwing stars, I did opt to get him two Ratan sticks that he needed for Kali practice. While that was a good idea… giving them to him in the middle of a bowling alley probably wasn’t. Thankfully, before any perminant damage was done, Jenny took control and snatched them away, mentioning something about “how these would be perfect for helping her tomatoe plants grow straight….” I don’t think she appreciated them as much as Aaron. We shall see if he has them at class tonight.

As for the rest of the weekend, Friday I was in photographer bliss. The new camera body I bought arrived late last Thursday: a Canon Elan II with Infrared focus system. The timing for it couldn’t have been any better. I’ve been shooting my friend Tony (pictured above) dj’ing for nearly two years. On Friday Tony got played Red, a big club here in town; his first crack at a large venue. While my old camera (a Rebel 2000) has more focus zones than the Elan, it can’t handle dark rooms. As the clubs usually are not the best-lit places, I typically had to rely on my eyes (which are also sketchy in low light) to focus. The result was a lot of fuzzy pictures/missed shots. Thanks to the Elan II and a 50 mm 1/1.4 lens, I finally got the chance to let auto focus do most of the work. And boy did it get a work out.. I shot about 8 rolls of film documenting the night. They’re all getting developed today… I can’t wait to get back the contact sheets. One of these days, when I get my lazy butt in gear, I throw up a gallery on this site.

Finally, I bought crack over the weekend; or the closest thing to it: a new game for my Playstation 2. Make that a “new” used game (I refuse to pay full price). It’s a fighting game called DOA:Hardcore. I love fighting games; it’s the martial artist in me. I’ve been thinking about getting it for a while and finally gave in. Big Mistake. Basically Saturday evening and Sunday were lost to it. After getting home from my night out last night I decided to play a few rounds. Again, Big Mistake…. I finally pulled myself away and looked at the clock. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was almost 1.00am. My name is Matt and I’m an addict…