deep fryed pictures

Marvel at oil bubbling. Wonder how we packed that many people into my apartment. See me like you’ve never seen me before (because in the end it’s all about me… after me it’s probably all about Tony). Check out the pictures from the Redneck/White Trash Thanksgiving Party (note: you’ll need to join oFoto to view them…). Eat yer heart out Cindy.

‘nother quickie

I’m still recovering from doing one turkey and in three days it’s “T2: Thanksgiving Day” in Amityville, NY. The audience participation thing I’ve been alluding to should be up tomorrow. I’ve just been too busy to get it up. But my plan is to have it up by tomorrow so that anyone who wishes to participate can work on it over the weekend. In the meantime I hope I’m peaking your curiosity…. :-)


I talked earlier today with Keith, my turkey-frying guru. After some consultation he did confirm my suspicions: I overcooked my turkey by about five minutes. Sorry about that to all those good souls who attended the event. The good news is I won’t make this mistake again. Perhaps this will be an excuse to have a future party…. We shall see….