These past two weeks have been mondo hectic and blogging has dropped into the background for a bit. So today you get the soundbites version of what’s new…

I hate UPS – with a passion! I’m never home when they deliver and the packages that Amazon ships require an in person signature. So basically I have to typically wait until the third delivery fails and then pick up the packages at the UPS office. Bleh, they suck.

Aaron’s hickies – an apology goes out to Aaron and Jenny for the condition of his neck after his first rank Kung Fu test. He was my partner, I got to choke him, and not being a good date I left hick… I mean choke marks. Sorry about that. I’m sure you look fetching in a turtleneck!

Holiday Gifts – I am so behind on the holidays. The entire grad school thing consumed most of my time for quite a while. So I haven’t dedicated enough thought to getting really good gifts (unlike everyone who has been giving me soo-per cool stuff). Worse yet what I did get is being held hostage by UPS. So, everyone, your gifts are one the way. But this year I’ll probably celebrating the 12-day’s of Christmas this year; or at least hoping that I’ll get everyone his or her presents within 12 days of Christmas.

A new blog is born – my friend Heather has given in and started blogging. Welcome to the cult, H!