grumble grumble

I’m in a crappy mood so rather than curmudgeon a lot about life and my bleh outlook today I’ll just get to the good stuff, namely the latest two submissions:

I dig those crazy shades
This one is from Kim.
Here’s the fun fact about this one: Kim did this over at iVillage’s site. They apparently have an online makeover tool there. Unfortunately, all that’s in the tool are women’s hair and glasses styles. So that’s a woman’s do I’m sporting. Bottomline: I make on heck of a butch chick. Thanks for not trying lipstick on me Kim!

I don’t know if I could ever look that serious.
This one definitely counts as the submission that came from the farthest away. Direct from the land of the rising sun, here are Jai’s comments: After scouring the latest collections from Gucci and Prada (can we say “Darth Vader”? No references to “Princess Leiah Bernius” from the peanut gallery, please), I feel like this winter is a very “Polo” season for you. (Forget about coture until summer–we’ll work on that later). This winter’s Polo gear has a comfortable, easy east to wear, and easy to match feel about it. The look is Lord-Byron-meets-theater-guy, and is comfortable enough for your active lifestyle plus has a very strongly individual feel, set off by sparing use of primary colors. I don’t think ultra-chic charcoal suits are the way to go, at least not yet–you’re far too busy to wear anything that requires so much maintenance. The hair is a little bit of a return to retro-Matt, but suits your style and will help to cultivate the artist look. Note that I’m recommending you go the route of an overall, unhilighted color without extensive use of styling products (think leave-in conditioner instead of styling stick). Yes, I know the 4th horseman started saddling up as soon as he heard these blashpemies, but I think this season is all about natural for you. This is also the perfect grad school transitional look–add elbow patches and you’re in the PhD program.