Happy holidays from Amityville

The last days have been pretty hectic. I finally made it home to Long Island late on Saturday. As usual I was stuck in traffic for quite a while once I hit the NYC area. Which, coincidentally, is usually when really need to find a place to pull over to go to the bathroom. Definitely not a fun combination.

When I got home I found Mom suffering through a terrible cold. My brothers and I took over Christmas preparation from her so she could rest. They handled most of the baking, while I worried about preping and cooking Christmas dinner. By the 25 Mom was feeling a bit better and thankfully could be there in the kitchen to answer any questions that I had.

Yesterday was spent catching up with close friends. Hopefully today I’ll be able to connect with some others I wanted to visit. Then tomorrow I head back to Rochester. There hasn’t been much rest in this vacation, but it’s still been very enjoyable.

oh, as far as gifts, I did pretty well… a couple Johnny Cash CD’s I’ve wanted, a PS2 game, a book or two, and a George Foreman Grill (which wasn’t on my list, but I’m pretty curious about it). I think there might be one more gift that will be coming my way, but we shall see. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday as well!