sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar…

First of all I have no makeovers for today. So it that’s what you’re coming for, yer outta luck. So you can keep reading my ramblings or check out some of the great blogs I link to in the side column. Ok now that that’s over with, on to today’s subject: relationship angst.

Actually there’s not too much to write about. Just like my current love life. *rim shot* (Thank you, thank you very much, there’s tons more where that came from) Di and I are still on great terms, just not “seeing” each other. In fact, I’ll be crashing at her place next week when I go down to talk to the good folks at CMU’s HCI Institute. Any hoo, last night I thought I’d take full advantage of my singleness and hit the bar scene. Big mistake. All I succeeded in doing was reminding myself why I spend very little time in bars. I quickly made the decision, that unlike the majority of guys out last night, getting blasted and pawing women who are clearly not interested in you just isn’t for me. Plus you get the added benefit of smelling like smoke for no extra charge.

Part of my problem is I have no desire to invest the time to get the most out of the bar scene. I can’t imagine spending so much time in one that the bartenders and all the regulars know who you are. It just seem that there are better uses of time, money, and brain cells than sitting in a bar on a regular basis, for hours at a time, paying $3.50 a beer. Guess I’m just not cut out for Cheers. Or I could just be getting older.

Any way, it’s been my experience that you really can’t “force” meeting people. It just happens, when you least expect it. And the universe has this obnoxious habit of making sure it doesn’t happen if you are specifically intending it to. Or maybe that only happens in my case. Any way this blog can be summed up in one formula: Bar scene = bad (or at least for me)