you know it’s a good party when you dance so hard you burn holes in your pants

This past Saturday was the holiday party that we (Jenny, Tina, Jo, Sarah, Abby, and I) have been working on for quite a while. It was a success; a great time was had by all. You can check out some funky pictures from it over on Jenny’s Blog. Holding a lens from a cheap plastic kaleidoscope over the lens of a D4800 Digital Camera we were able to crease some really cool effects (for the record: my hand was not clamped over my mouth in the picture of me because I was going to get sick ;-P). I got to play “prom photographer” at the dance, taking pictures of all the couples as they came in. At least I know I have a career to fall back on.

As for my pants, yes I actually did burn holes in them by dancing too hard. As it turns out they were 100% polyester (I think or some other plastic fiber). As the evening progressed we all got a little goofy with out dancing and in trying to top Aaron’s “jazz hands” I got the great idea to do a knee slide across the floor (ok… actually several knee slides across the floor… what can I say, I’m a ham). When I got home and looked at the knees of my pants, I realized that the material around both knees had fused and one knee had a small hole in it. Apparently the friction from the slides (or my fly dancin’ in general) had been too much for the pants to take. Good thing I didn’t keep it up or they might have spontaneously combusted. Just call me hot legs I guess. In any case I’m happy I didn’t get that pair of pants too near any of the lit candles there as I imagine that wouldn’t have been a good experience either. The lesson to be learned, carefully check what your clothes are made of before you decide to undertake extreme activities.

more matt

The submissions for my new look keep coming in. Over the weekend I got four new ones. I’ll put up two today and two tomorrow to space them out. Today’s are another round from Joel. He writes: “Inspired by Jenny’s and Cindy’s contributions, I decided to be more serious and productive in my contributions.” Let’s see what he has in store for me…

And I thought my hair was too long right now.
The hottest male model in the world, twenty-three year old Matt-Damien was raised in a rural community in South Africa, far removed from the fashion centers of Europe and America. The stunning 6’2″ Matt-Damien is extremely impressive in real life, and has been the biggest star of the runway for the past few seasons. Female bookers at Next say that, despite the fact that they are used to seeing gorgous men all the time, Matt-Damien really stands out: you can’t help but look at him; sighs can be heard when he walks in a room.

I don’t think the world is ready for me in those shorts
Matt-Ingo is the king of the Paris runway. His height of almost 6’3″ and his very unusual look definitely set him apart among the other male models in the collections. But all this success as a model has definitely not gone to his head. His daily life is very low key and unassuming. Matt-Ingo is based in Germany and actually lives in a small town outside Hamburg, where he works with troubled children and teenagers. Not only gorgeous, but a genuinely good guy.

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