it’s snowing

I woke up this morning to find my car covered in “soap opera snow.” Living in Rochester I’ve gotten well aquainted with many of the various forms of snow out there. Soap opera snow is a light, fluffy, “cute” snow. It’s like the pastic/soap flakes they use on most soap operas or tv shows. It doesn’t pack and it brushes right off of your car (which is always a plus when you don’t want to spend much time shoveling out for work). Unfortunately it has been followed by freezing rain, which means everything will have a nice layer of ice over it by the end of the day. A car cover with what seems like a hard candy shell just isn’t fun when you’re trying to open the door or see out the windsheild.

I also don’t understand Rochesterians and snow. Why, once a flake falls, does everyone forget how to drive in this area? They’ve lived with snow all thier lives! It isn’t new or unexpected. But once that first bit of snow hits the ground natives seem to loose all control of their cars. Why not just slow down and take it easy??!! Ohhh no, it’s either “Yee Haa, let’s kick in the 4 wheel drive and speed up” or “my car has shifted into snow mode and the gas and break have switched places….” Sigh.

Oh, I’ve added a new site feature in the left column. From time to time I’ll post an MP3 de jour. I can’t always promise they’ll be good, but they will definitely all be 100% fun! So check it out! More goodness will be coming soon!