Bits and pieces of my life for this morning

I saw The Royal Tenenbaums last night. What a terrific movie! A little stylistically reminiscent of Amélie. Gene Hackman is phenomenal in the film and really deserved an Oscar nod for it (don’t get me started on the Oscars… grr). It’s a little tough to find now, but catch this if you can.

Martial arts on Monday was great (even though some slackers were not there)! It was my third time boxing (now that I have the gloves) and I’m still getting used to it. I spent most of the time letting Pat hit me in order to condition my body to react to a punch. It also reinforced my decision that I just don’t like being hit. But Coach came up to me after class and complimented me on my movement (really Sifu deserves the compliment, it took five years of his hard work to get me that mobile). That felt really good. Then Kung Fu was great as well. We sparred for most of the night and I threw every move that I had and made a few up on the fly. :-) I got a couple compliments on that. And that positive reinforcement rocks!

mmm mixed nuts are good!

And finally I bring you vintage porn from inside the inside of Kodak Tower. I took this picture of a old photo on one of the support poles on Monday while fixing the birdcams. Mmmm… old school skin. Enjoy….