AAAARRGGUHHHHH! BLOGGER just lost my five paragraph post! GRRRR!

I don’t have enough time to re-key it, so you now get the short version in bullet form (it’s probably better this way anyway):

  • I (and everyone at seems to be in a BLAH mood. Not quite a depression (that would take too much effort). Jenny seems to be experiencing the same thing. I’m also fighting a cold.
  • I hope both the cold and the BLAH lift by the weekend as I’m going to Toronto on Saturday to see the gorillaz in concert.
  • Last night was a good martial arts class. Pat killed my legs: today I have two half dollar sized bits of muscle pain halfway up my outer thigh nerve lines (making walking and climbing stairs ohh so much fun) thanks to his super accurate Thai kicks. There was also lots of sparring last night. Both Pat and Aaron did very well and I was pretty satisfied with myself (it helps having people to try and stay better than). I’m also started getting tutored on breakfalls by an Aiki Ju Jitsuist. I spent a chunk of time after class being pitched across the room.
  • I blew Aaron’s cover by announcing he missed class on Monday. Next time let me know ahead of time when you’re going out to raise hell without Jenny knowing, ok? I’ll be happy to tell her you were in class *wink* *wink*. (I like the “I had to write a paper excuse” you gave her… great save!)
  • Finally, I’ve been thinking a lot as of late about the amount of self censoring I’ve been doing on the blog. I’m not sure if it’s a mood or I simply care too much about what all my readers (the five of you) think. Who knows… A lot of thoughts and little things haven’t made it to the blog. Oh well…

Ok. Before this gets lost, lemme post!