mardi gras

Well the party has come and gone. Here are a few fun facts about the party:

  • # of Guests – 107+ over the entire night
  • # of Turkey’s fried – 2 for a combined weight of ~24 lbs
  • amount of Oil Used – ~6 gallons
  • # of empty beer bottles by end of night – 206
  • # of flaming deserts – 2 Banana’s Foster Bread Puddings
  • # of beads given out – 288+
  • amount of male nudity – 0 (woo hoo!)

A good time was had by all for the most part. We really nailed the food this year. Not too much. Not to little. Nothing much left over! (which means I won’t be eating red beans and rice for weeks to come! And I finally deep fryed a turkey to perfection. Special thanks to Mike N. and Mike Z. for all the cooking help (especially for two people who are supposed to be guests) and to Roy and Courtney for the phenominal costumes. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to put up. Unfortunately I didn’t take any. For some more accounts of the party check out Julia and Jenny’s blogs.

in other news

I had a great conversation with Cindy last night. I’ve agreed to be the videographer for the wedding. I’ve photographed a few weddings before, but this will be a first for me. Thankfully I have a lot of time to think about how to shoot this one. But I’ve promised Cindy and John that the results will be wacky and memorable!