they’re ba-ack…

[She's Back]

Today we spotted Mariah in the nest box and a collective sigh of relief went up from Each year we always start to hold our breath about this time hoping that the Peregrine Falcons will make it back safely for another year of Birdcam. This year they’ve taken their sweet time making it back (especially considering the site dedicated to them is going live on Monday). We still have yet to spot Cabot-Sirocco (the male), but hopefully he isn’t far behind Mariah. She’s spent most of the day off most of the cameras perched atop Camera 1:

[She's Back]

This also means two things: 1. I won’t be going out to the nest box again. I have no desire to have one of these birds attack my head (they are very territorial and will go after any nest intruders). 2. We won’t have to go with our back up plan. If the falcons had not returned we were going to place Tony in a Chicken Costume up in the nest. I still think that would have generated more traffic to the site. Oh well, there is always next year.

In other news, the last two days have been super self affirming. Unfortunately, the CFI I’ve mentioned in past posts is going to slip its delivery date. That’s not good, but there isn’t much that we can do about it. Otherwise work is great (especially now that the falcons are back). Outside of the big, things are rockin’ as well. Last night was another good martial arts class. I finally feel as if I’m coming into my own when it comes to sparring. It is the second night in a row I’ve been complimented on my creativity. Now I need to work on breaking out on better angles when pushed/pressured. Things on the plays are also going well. We’ve got a venue, performance dates and hopefully *knocks on wood* a tech director. Plus I really feel like I’ve improved as a director. And, even with all that, I had time yesterday to veg and play PS2 for a bit (Baldur’s Gate = mindless fun…. yea!)!

Finally, there’s some new stuff on ze blog. I’ve added a rockin’ Insta Poll. So you’re expected to fill it out. Yeah, I’m talking you! Plus, there’s a new MP3 packed with 100% engrish goodness. Give it a risten!

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