I didn’t have a good subject line for this morning. I’m still getting used to my hair (or lack there of). I got it cut yesterday (and I mean CUT!). I blogged about it last night, but it’s at the end of an already long post and I’m not sure if anyone read that. I’ll get a picture up by Monday.

In other news, you’ve heard of sneaking into movies. I snuck into a play yesterday. Don and I went to see Below the Belt again at Geva. Or at least that was the plan. Before the show I decided to go ice skating at a nearby park. And I totally flaked out on when the play started. I was sure it was at 8.00pm (it was actually 7.30pm). By the time I got to the theatre the show had already started. So, being the devious thinker I am, I went out for a cup of coffee, read the first act (we had gotten a copy of an earlier version of the script) and then went back to the theatre and walked in while everyone was milling around during intermission, acting like I’d been there the entire time. Once intermission was over I found open seat and enjoyed the second act. What can I say? I’m a smooth criminal :-P

On to my long list of “to-do” items for today… fun fun fun