I remember when I had time to blog

oy. oy. oy.

So my life has been just a shade of nuts recently. The play is going like gang busters (we’re less than four weeks away from curtain… of course that would be if we had a curtain). Long Ago and Far Away is in good shape. Ok… better shape, everyone’s just about off book. Ancient History needs a lot more work. But I trust my actors. So I’m not uber concerned yet. I just want this to be a good show. A cut above standard area community theatre (no crack on those theatres, it’s just this is the goal we set for ourselves). Something that I feel good about putting infront of an audience. Now, if I could only just find a gun! More on that tomorrow.

The play and some other projects are just eating up my life right now and providing a lot of drama. Speaking of drama, some is going on on top of Kodak tower. A male falcon has finally arrived to mate with our female falcon. But, surprise… he ain’t the usual male. The lack of banding on his legs shows that the new boy in town is a wild falcon, not Cabot-Sirocco who has “ruled” the nest since the birds first started nesting. This would indicate that Cabot has left the area (or left the earth). It’s possible that our Mr X knocked off Cabot (as falcons are known to do) and took his mate. You can follow As The Falcon Flys here.

In other news, Martial Arts continues to go well. I had a good class last night. Basically I threw everything and the kitchen sink while sparring. I’m spinning more regularly now (which is good), but my stance work still sucks (which is bad). As Sifu put’s it, I’m chopping away at a brick wall that is hindering my forward progress. Last night I was knocking bigger peices out of it. Soon I should be able to see to the other side. And when that day comes I’ll be able to open up a whole new can of whoop ass!