space opera

Did you catch the Star Wars trailer last night? I wasn’t planning to watch but I ended up needing to vedge for a bit and turned on the TV just in time. Ummm…. Yeah…. It was cool, I guess. I really don’t think Lucas’s strength has ever been direction. Of the first three films he only directed the first (believe it or not, David Lynch was a candidate to direct Jedi). Phantom Menace only strengthen that view. I just don’t like the way he frames shots. I was also underwhelmed by the amount of CG in the trailer (yeah I know it’s a Star Wars film… ). So I was interested but not overly excited by what I saw last night. Of course I’m going to go see it eventually (ok… I’ll be in line the first night next to my friend Aaron) but I’m not expecting very much. In the mean time I’m still trying to track down and watch the movies that inspired Lucas (like The Searchers and The Hidden Fortress).