ther’s no business like show business

Tonight’s the night. We’re just aobut ready to open. Unfortunately we were building up until the last minute (as my hand covered with dried paint suggest). The person who was supposed to provide us with a fire place fell through so I quickly built one yesterday. The acting has really shaped up as well, I just wish I could have been really concentrating on it these past two weeks instead of worring about everything else.

Here are a couple shots I took over the last few days to show you part of the process:

The individual flats that will eventually become an apartment drying and waiting to be assembled.

Jeff, our Tech Director, and Chris, one of the actors, work on securing the flats together.

Prior to a dress rehersal the cast warms up with a “pass the ball” acting drill.

This shot was from the open dress rehersal we had on Saturday night. The set is mostly assembled, but the molding still needs to be painted and the fireplace needs to be added. Also we didn’t have theatrical lighting for that performance.

ok… that’s about it for now. Regualar blogging will resume after this weekend.