doodles and thoughts

I made this sketch of Tony in an all morning meeting. Some people have incorrectly assumed that the “nachos and beans” reference was some thinly valed comment about flatulence. It wasn’t. I just thought the phrase “fine nachos and beans” sounded funny. Ahhh comedy.

This has been an intense week. First the all day Washington trip. While I was in DC, the summer play was being cast. So I kept calling back to find out how call backs were going. I’m really excited and scared at the same time. Genet is a tough playwright and I hope we’re all up to the task. I’ll have a better idea Monday night when we have our first read through.

Then on Wednesday night I had the shootfighting test. Three hours! You hear me??!! THREE HOURS!!!!! It was grueling! The first hour was just warm ups! 15 minutes of jumping rope, 10 minutes of jogging, 25 over under drill (which in my mind were designed by Satan himself), 200 jumping jacks, and it just goes on. For the next two or so hour we threw over 1000 punches and at least 750 kicks. Then came the sparring. After that the collapsing. But everyone supported each other and we all passed. I’m still hurting from the test, but its a wonderful feeling to know that you have pushed yourself to your limits and beyond while successfully achieving your goal.

Then last night I found out that a good friend unexpectedly lost his job. And that’s thrown me for a big loop. I’ve known lots of people who have been “downsized” over the last few years, but this was totally unexpected. I can’t help thinking about what I would do if that happened. I know I would find something, but it’s still a scary thought. But I think Aaron will turn lemons into lemonade. He’s mentioned recently that he needed a good kick in the pants to do something new and I think this will be it for him. I’ll see him tomorrow so I’ll have the chance to talk more about it then.