pounding the pavement

I’ve started to run in the morning. Not every morning, but at least three times a week (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This started after the Shootfighting test. I think I sorta surprised myself that night. I didn’t realize how high my endurance levels have become. Actually, the other catalyst for these runs was an act of stupidity. Two Fridays ago I locked my keys in the car. It was about 9.00pm and I had to meet people at 9.30pm. I had stopped to get a pizza at Cobbs Hill Pizza on Park Ave. In the middle of a cell phone call I got distracted and left my keys sitting on the passenger seat. Of course I didn’t realize any of this until I got back to the car. It was at that same moment I realized I only had a house key in my wallet (I used to carry both a house and a car key). To add further insult to injury, I had also locked my palm pilot and my cell phone in the car. Oy. So I ran home. Literally. It wasn’t more than a mile and half there and back (if that much). But I suddenly discovered, about half way through the run, that I was kinda enjoying it. Which is weird because I normally hate running. With a passion. Strangely though these two things event have combined to keep me running! Well that and I’d really like to drop five pounds (or more preferably convert it to muscle). I’ve also found that a morning run gets me focused far more than caffeine and with half the jitters (so now I’m back to my normal somewhat shaky self, as opposed to when the play was on and I was one step away from being able to vibrate through solid objects).