so where have I been you ask…

I realize that I have a habit of disappearing from time to time. This most recent absence was due to a trip to San Diego! I was out there videoing a Cindy and John’s wedding! Check it out by clicking on the cute videographer!:

I also got a couple days of sight seeing in as well.

Today was my first day back. It was also Banding Day for the falcons. The “babies” were pulled from the nest at about 10.15am and then measured, banded, weighed, and named. In the meantime I had the task of going up and performing maintenance of the nest and cameras. All the while their parents were buzzing me. One dived bombed so close to me that it’s wing tips clipped the back of the fire helmet that I had on. If I can get the technology to work I’ll post a video of the experience I took with my mini-DV camera. In the meantime, here are some stills:

Yes, that is a fireman’s hat I’m wearing. And I was glad to have it on considering how close those birds were getting! Within an hour the chicks were back in the nest much to their and their parent’s relief.