life in the windy city

monday night finds me in Chicago on business for Kodak. So much for having my life back after the play. Today has been intense. I left Rochester at 6.45 or so to drive to Buffalo. From there I caught a plane (barely) for Chicago. Almost the entire day has been spent at user testing of the new learning content that I’m working on. And now I find myself in a hotel room trying to stay awake long enough to write this.

The play wrapped this weekend. Again, I’ll make no comments on it until after Wednesday night and the cast debrief. I can say that I feel like I’m coming out of a haze. Unfortunately as part of that I’m just starting to realize all the things I missed over the last few weeks while I was in “play mode.” And that was only exaserbated by the work and personal deadlines that were crashing down around me. One thing is for sure, I’m really going to work not to allow this type of thing to happen again.

Sleep calls and it’s back to Buffalo tomorrow on a 6.40am flight. Zzzzzzzz