how fizzy can you face

Jenny and Tina have returned from the UK/Europe (which means Chuck and Aaron are back too!). And this morning they played Sugar Fairies and visited the cubicles of all the good girls and boys with gifts of Tea and sweets. And they proceeded to totally get me hooked on “Fizzy Cola Bottles” from Marks and Spencer. I’m going to attempt to exercise some self control and not eat all of them in this sitting.

um… So far its not going to well….

Ok I admit it, I have a weird thing for British candies. A few years ago I got addicted to Fruit Gums, which contrary to the name neither tasted like fruit nor had the consistency of gum. But they were strangely good. Even though they threatened to pull your teeth out with every chew. And being a fan of Dr Who, I’ve always wanted to try a Jelly Baby. Somehow I missed out on that when I was in England.