i love this town!

I’m in a great mood! Basically the best way that I can describe it is walking into work I felt like Winston (Ernie Hudson) at the end of Ghostbusters when he throws out his arms and yells “I Love This Town!” Not that I’m in love with Rochester, but rather just with life. I just suddenly feel like I’m making a lot of forward progress on my time management (and without a flux capacitor Glenn… and I thought we’d all agreed that we’d never talk about the Plutonium incident again).

I’ll be at the new martial arts school on Monday and take some pictures to share. Speaking of that I had a great Martial Arts night on Wednesday. It started out pretty badly, or at least disappointingly. I made a lot of basic errors; things that I’ve been working to eliminate for a while but just keep nagging me. But I recovered and by the end of the night pulled out some of the best moves I’ve got from my bag of tricks. And that ability to recover is something that I’ve been working on for a while. Basically, it’s trying not to get weighed down by your errors. It’s well documented that Michael Jordan typically reacted the same way to missed shots as he did to shots he sunk. He simply acknowledged them and then moved on. The same is true for most successful athletes. And just about anyone with any ongoing successful performance. Traditionally I’ve done the exact opposite. I tend to live in my errors, and because of that I often don’t pay what’s going on immediately after them. And because of that you just mess up more. And you start one of those cycles like: “I take drugs so I can work harder so I can earn more money so I can take more drugs so I can work harder….” Breaking that cycle has probably aided me more than anything else over the last year in most of my endeavors.

The weekend is going to be hectic. Tomorrow I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do. Plus I have to work on some thing for the school and for the theatre company. And tomorrow night Drea is making dinner for me as a belated birthday celebration (did I mention she rocks?). Sunday it’s off to beautiful Cortland to train with Dan Inosanto (possibly the most famous martial artist and definitely one of the greatest martial historians alive today).