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sometimes I really wonder about people

from Yoe Studio’s Hip List Newletter for this week:

+++HIPPEST: A Hairy Situation

So you thought the feng shui trend was over? Think again! Now there’s feng shui for your hair. Salons specializing in the technique are popping up all over, offering hairstyles that will clear negative energy from your life. As an added bonus, the haircuts, which cost up to $250, will also clear out your wallet.

works cut out for us

We began work last night on the new home of Renaissance Martial Arts. While Sifu and Coach plotted floor space, we tore down a temporary wall, moved a lot of odds and ends that were stored in there and started to tear down the drop ceiling. Unfortunately all I brought with me was a film camera, so you’ll have to wait on the before and after shots. Suffice to say we have our work cut out for us.

And I have my work cut out for me for the weekend. Top among those tasks is mail out my brother Glenn’s much belated Birthday gifts (and get Jenny’s much belated birthday gift). Glenns is the most pressing as he’s apparently already mailed out mine, proving once again that I’m the stinky brother when it comes to gift givin’.