For all you fans of Wallace and Gromit, the BBC has launced a new site and series of 10 shorts in anticipation of the new movie. Yup folks, there’s a new movie coming from the same folks who brought us Chicken Run: Aardman animations. So go can check out Wallace and Gromit’s Crackling Contraptions.

Also, for those of you keeping track we have a little under two weeks to get the school in shape. As I type this, the floors are drying from their second coat of polyurethane. We’ve also completed priming the walls. Once the floor is dry we’re going to paint the walls and build out the office, dressing rooms and the storage room. Then we need to install the mirrors (you would not believe how much mirrors cost!) and it’s go time. I just wish we had more than 11 days to get this all done!

Here’s a composite shot of the school taken before the floors were completed and any priming was done: