When things seem bad, there are always rays of hope. Some are bigger than others, but all make a difference. Here are a few that have recently shone in:

Ray 1: Dre’s dad is doing better. There were a couple possibilities as to what the problem was. On Sunday night we thought it was the worst. Today, it looks like one that is easier to correct.

Ray 2: This past weekend we had the kodak.com holiday party and things went very well (especially with everything that is going down around us). People had a great time and, at least for a while, forgot about the pressures at work. So that’s something else to be thankful for.

Ray 3: Last night I had a great martial arts class and that’s always good.

Ray 4: And finally, I checked my e-mail today and low an behold I got a note from the author of that letter to Rolling Stone I “reprinted” a few days ago:

From: “Maya Price”

To: rockOn_Matt@yahoo.com

Subject: rolling stone letter

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 01:45:40 -0500

i lost points for grammar, eh?

well then you should have spelled the word grammar correctly if youre going to be deducting points for it!

but seriously,

thanks for posting the letter–its a trip how far this thing has reached..

everywhere except RS magazine it seems.

check ya later



All I can say is Rock On Maya! I dig anyone who will heckle me without knowing me (then again, I guess I did throw out the first volley with the grammar crack). Maya’s band plays in New York City, you should check them out! There’s more info at her website! Thank you for the smile that this note put on my face.