you got to wonder

So I got this note in my e-mail que last week…




Subject: Boom..

Hi again :)) Where are you? Don’t you chat any more? I haven’t

seen you so long.. Well, I’ve got a lot to tell you about. The

Summer vacation was too good to be true. Beach, disco’s, friends..

Unfortunately, it’s Winter now and the temperatures here are very

low. I was ill almost 2 weeks. Quite unpleasant :(( Let’s talk

about you :) Are you oK? Are you in love :)) I sent you a surprise :))

There are cool thoughts, especially about love. It’s nice. I’m a

little bit bored of these stupid computers, but I’m waiting for

the reply :)) Bye!

Attachment: PcDudes3D.exe .exe file


Gee, do you think I was surprised when I scanned “PcDudes3D.exe” and found it was a virus. All of this led me to wonder about spammers and if people really fall for this. Are there a people out there who react to a note like this in the following way “Oh look, it’s a note from a friend who I can’t remember and has terrible grammar. And they’re managed to tell me absolutely nothing to help me understand who they are and how they know me. And look he’s sent me a program that sounds like it contains gay porn… let me download that right now…”? Sadly, I know there are people out there who must do exactly that. These are the same people who don’t understand why you need firewall software. And these are the same people who wonder why their computer is always breaking down. And these are the same people who are probably still waiting for their payout from the Nigerian Treasury.

For giggles I sent the following note back to him:

“Thanks dude! Great to hear from you again. I tried the software. It rocked! Please send more…”

Any bets on if I’ll get a return note?