This weekend mainly consisted of sleep. That’s pretty usual for me after finishing a big project. Thankfully, I have not gotten sick yet (which usually happens as well). All and all it was also a strange weekend because for the last four years I’ve had a Mardi Gras party this weekend. But with the launch of the new I just haven’t had time to plan it (or get the apartment ready). There will be a party, but in a month or two.

I did end up going to a Mardi Gras “party” with Drea (“party’s” in quotes, because with only 10 people there it was much more of a gathering). Anyway the morning after I woke up with a splitting headache, which seemed strange. I had not had much to drink at the party, maybe three beers over four hours. But it still felt like my frontal lobe was attempting to secede through my forehead. And then it occurred to me that this had nothing to do with alcohol, but everything to do with the after effects of the relaunch of I was going through caffeine withdrawal. Typically, I drink at most one cup of caffeine coffee a day and I avoid soda. Mark, my good friend and sifu, had convinced me to get off caffeine years ago. However whenever I’m involved in a crazy project my caffeine consumption goes through the roof. In past projects I would literally pop 2 Viveran in a Mountain Dew in order to keep working at 3 in the morning. While I haven’t been that bad, I was easily up to about a 12oz cup of coffee every hour and a half during the last few weeks (given I was working 10 hour days, that adds up fast). And as usual after the project is over I just stop drinking the stuff. The end result is about 48 hours later I start to get the caffiene DTs. So I’ve broken down, upped my intake a bit, and will ween myself off a little at a time. Oh C8H10O2N4, why do you punish me?