mid east, looking west

This business with Syria is disconcerting. Any idea what the going odds are as to if they’ll be “upgraded” into the Axis of Evil (to replace Iraq of course). What’s scary is the question of whether or not the administration could ride the wave of Pro Iraqi War support and convert it into a drive to attack Syria. Or perhaps this is just a case of the news networks trying to play up hostilities in hopes of not losing the audiences that have been glued to them. These days it’s impossible to tell how the message is being manipulated or who’s even doing it.

And it the mean time everything is fine and dandy in, Afghanistan, good thing the press is giving that so much attention.

hello michelle, it’s grandma

In other news, I have been receiving phone messages at work from a woman that only identifies herself as “Grandma.” Apparently she’s trying to reach someone named “Michelle.” Strangely, the fact that my voicemail message clearly states “You’ve reached Matt Bernius’ voicemail” doesn’t seem to phase her. I’ve been getting at least one message a day from this mysterious voice. Today she called to see if “Mom and Dad got home OK.” Perhaps, one day, I’ll get the chance to talk directly to her. But until then I always look forward to my daily communiqué.