boot to the head, ed grubberman

We’ve just begun to practice the skit this year for Super Summers (a big Martial Arts event). Typically in these I’m the comic relief. However, this year Sifu announced that I was going to star. Which threw me for a bit of a loop. And then he also mentioned that this year we’re demo’ing weapons.

Most of the people who attend Super Summers come from a Karate background. So, being Kung Fu folks, we’re already considered a little wierd. Each staff member is asked to present a demo at a ceremony on Saturday night. Most of the demos are pretty straight laced: kata/forms or some type of demonstration of technique. Then there is us. We just don’t take ourselves seriously. And each year we try to come up with a different “bad kung fu movie.” So this year it will be me fighting off people with swords using a staff (that will have boxing gloves taped to each end and the wooden ring. Only problem is I don’t know either of those weapons. But I’ve got a month to learn them :-).