I am not Matt. I am Devo

At Jenny’s suggestion… and perhaps my own sense of self deprecation, I’m posting pictures of myself from banding day. The Yellow Suit was to allow people on the street watching the extraction of eyases to see us better, not because of any hazardous environment reasons. However, all the suits managed to do is make me look like I ate the Falcons rather than helping band them.

After the falcons were removed and the eyases headed down to be banded, I remained behind to clean and check the cameras. The DEC also asked me to clean some of the bird remains out of the nest. There are 5 eyases this year and they’re knee (I’m pretty sure they have knees) deep in bird bits. Needless to say the nest STANK, and pulling birdheads and wings out of it was not my idea of how to spend a morning. Check out this picture:

I think the caption in the next picture says it all…

As for this one, I have no idea what happened, but I somehow managed to gain about 100 pounds in under a minute. Come here Falcon, get in my belly!