Ok, perhaps I was a bit too cavalier when I wrote yesterday:

Tonight’s the test for Kung Fu. I’m not too concerned about it.

Class usually ends around 9.30pm. My test ended at 11.00pm. By the end of it, I was so emotionally and physcially spent that I felt like crying (at the end of the test I needed to do 60 push-ups and sit-ups. Those were possibly the most grueling of my life). But I passed! I now have my green sash (roughly equivalent to a Brown/Black Belt in other systems). Two more ranks to go until I’m a Sifu (teacher).

Today, I’m a mass of aching muscle. I still don’t feel that I deserved to pass. There was so much that I know I could do better on. Then again, typically when I test, I dwell on what needs more work, not what I did well.