absolute beginners

Most friends, and people who’ve read this blog for a while, know that for years I’ve been a student of the Martial Arts. I started while attending RIT and have continued to this day, some twelve years later. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I would continue this study in Chicago.

I’ve found a few places to practice. In both cases, I’m starting in arts that I’ve never studied before. That’s something that I have not done in a while. That isn’t to suggest that I’ve tried everything under the sun. Rather its just that I’ve been focusing my study on a single art, with a bunch of familiar people, for quite a while. It’s been a while since I’ve been a raw beginner.

Truth is I’m loving it. This week I began lessons in Judo (to supplement my throwing game) and Lui Ho Bi Fa (Water boxing). Between both classes I learned a total of four techniques in four hours. Years ago I would have hated that. I’d want to advance as quickly as possible. Now I’m old enough to understand what it takes to learn something well and slow and steady is fine with me. In the case of the water boxing, I literally spent more than a hour learning how to take a single step.

And I’m still not sure if I have that step down.

Chicago so far has been a humbling experience in this respect. From school to Martial Arts, I’m a beginner. And that’s one adjustment that seems to be going pretty smoothly.