well, I was touching up the blog design, trying to come up with something a little more hybrid. This could also be interpreted as trying to dodge writing up an ethnography that I’m struggling with.

Anyway, I get things to a point that I like them, and then proceed to republish not only my index, but my entire blog. And the worst part of all of this is I realize what I’ve done only when it’s too late to stop it. It’s a weird experience: watching each page of the old design get turned over. Racing through my archive and looking at the old style of pages one moment. Then simply hitting the reload button and finding the new look in it’s place.

I managed to make a few screen captures. But the old look, on any page you select, is history.

I guess its liberating as well. But I always liked aspects of the old design (though the CGI page load time sucked). Still, I feel like I just digitally remastered my past. Created a special edition.