Language in Culture, of which I’ve blogged before, finally is over. At least part one of the course. And at least the lecture section. I will be bringing the final home for the holidays (if you will).

Yesterday I turned in my Perspectives final at 5.00pm. From the time I blogged until then was pretty stressful. I went through every known emotion to man and tried like hell to create a few new ones.

Most of that was due to the fact that I hit a roadblock at the 11th hour. Thankfully it cleared around 3.00pm and I was able to write about psychoanalysis in regards to it’s application in the article we were writing about. This was a good thing, as prior to it, I was prepared to kiss my academic life goodbye.

I’ve been thinking about publishing my papers to the site… not sure about that though. At best, they would serve as great material for putting folks to sleep.