One of the aspects of my program is that I’m only allowed to officially take three classes a quarter. In the preceding post I referenced the fact that I’m actually sitting in on five classes, three taken for grades and two audited. Which ever classes I audit will not make it on to my transcript, as I don’t receive a grade in them. So part of what I have to do is decide which classes will look the best on my transcript (in the event I decide to go for a PhD).

Which leads me to a switch that I’m making a little late in the process. Originally my three were going to be:

  • Language in Culture II (aka Metapragmatics: the revenge)
  • Crowds and Publics
  • Rewriting the Past: Memory, remembrance and Memorial

However, I’m going to be switching the third slot to Social Psychology. In part I think it’s because I’m netting out somewhere in the space between Anthropology and Social Psychology. If that’s the case, then it’s more important for me to have the Social Psych on my transcript. Also Rewriting the Past, while useful for my interest in memory creation (which ties back to an interest in the generation of personal histories, which in turn ties back to Kodak), has thus far been a bit of a clunker. It’s focusing heavily on psychoanalysis. I have a lot of issues with the application of psychoanalysis to social (read as group) phenomenon as it really seems a tool geared for individual analysis. And so, right now, that class seems to be built on some dubious assumptions.