Braving the risk of exile from my adopted community (and perhaps Western NY) I must proclaim the following:

Superdawg kicks Zweigle’s pasty white-hot bootie!

Admittedly, being at heart a Long Islander, I’ve never quite understood the White Hot. But I’ve always thought Rochester Street Meat was the best I had ever had. Then came last night. Behold the Superdawg:

  • A poppy-seed bun! Get that through your head! POPPY SEED BUN!
  • Neon Green Relish!
  • Chopped Onion!
  • Piccalilli (Green Tomato)!
  • A pickle!
  • Hot, Sport Peppers!
  • and just a pinch of celery salt!
  • All served on a bed of Superfries!

This experience has led me to a new social theory:

Superdawg + Vanilla Milkshake = Happiness

Seriously, Zweigles is going to have to step it up to compete. They’ve been resting on the Rah-Cha-Cha mystery meat hot sauce thing for too long!

humorous aside: the blogger spell check keeps wanting to replace Zweigles with “seagulls.”…

on second thought that might not be so funny after all.