This is my first shot at the abstract for my paper. I may be submitting to a upcomming school conference and I needed to get this together.

24×7 Chat Walkers : How artificial intelligence prostitutes are commoditizing fantasy in online chat rooms
In this paper I examine how bots, programs that are written to function as humans, are being used by the adult industry to persuade chat room participants to join pornographic websites. I demonstrate how a semiotic analysis of these interactions between humans and machines as humans reveals how identity and performative gender stereotypes influence and evolve online interactions. In particular I will explore how these bot’s user profiles and response scripts are optimized to take advantage of na├»ve chatters preexisting sexual fantasies, in order to fool the chatter into thinking that they are talking with another human. In order to do this I will demonstrate how the adult industry both monetizes the creation these fantasies and these human/bot online interactions. Finally, I will consider the socioethical implications of machines that “pretend” to be human. Though ethnographic interviews conducted with bot creators and chatters who interact with bots I will explore how individuals treat bots and chatters who mistake them for humans.