Its already week two of the final quarter. Amazingly, it’s less than ten weeks until classes end. I’m overwhelmed with work. Posts to this blog are going to get shorter and shorter. Posts to headnotes will increase in size as I’m going to be constucting part of my thesis online.

My IRB cleared. So I can actually begin human research if I can find the time.

Stupidly I’m taking a full course load and auditing two classes. However, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. And the audited classes are helping me better situate antropological practices.

All that being said, I’m not ready to be at the point I am. And I’m in sort of a low level panic attack state. The positive side of this is it’s keeping me really alert.

For the moment, I press on. The accompanying picture is of the Harper (Undergraduate) Library on campus. Its one of the spots on campus that always reminds me of Hogwarts.