I’m enjoying my last $1 shake. Never has a chocolate chip shake tasted so bittersweet. I also gave away my futon today to a friend from the MAPSS program who will be staying at the U of C to get her PhD in the Anthro department. Its strange to have it gone as its the first peice of furnature I owned in my adult life.

Packing is going too slow. But I’m working at it.

I just got two class grades back for this quarter (both A’s!!!).

And I had a great meeting with Village Voice and Wired journalist and all around good guy Julian Dibble to talk about my thesis. Very useful as he pointed me in a number of good directions. Then I also got to talk with my friend Tina whose working on blogs. I’m really going to miss the many face to face ideation sessions I’ve had here. Its been amazing to have so much time to talk about ideas with so many specialists. Its something I really want to help to foster where ever I end up working.

As for now, back to packing.