Ok… before anyone else goes into a tizzy about my retail applications, allow me to explain. This is NOT a full time pursuit.

At all.
No way. No huh.

However, what I am looking for is a short term, part time source of income while I engage in a more extensive job hunt. There have been a few full time opportunities that have arisen. But currently none of them have been what I am looking for. And, for the moment, I’d prefer not to commit to a full-time position that isn’t right. Especially since the Rochester Scene doesn’t really allow for taking a full time position for only a few months. Plus full time would make it difficult for me to finish my writing tasks, and therefore my Masters. And finishing the Masters is the most important thing right now. Well, both that and being able to cover expenses.

So that’s why I’m currently looking at temporary retail jobs. And a few other avenues (TW I don’t have your current e-mail addy… could you drop at line to “mbernius at gmail.com”).

My goal is to have full employment by mid fall.