This is one that I should have seen coming a mile away and never even thought of: networked jukeboxes. This discovery begins with another revelation: a cup of premium coffee costs the same amount as a pint of beer. Plus, considering that I drink beer far more slowly than coffee it seemed to make good economic sense as well. And it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve, um…, lubricated my writing with an adult beverage. Conveniently, just last week I noticed that the MacGregors, a local watering hole, by RIT was offering free wireless access. So, after dropping off today’s series of applications, I opted to go there for a beer and to write.

Initially I didn’t pay any attention to the wireless registration process. What did catch my eye, was a neon monolith in the corner of the bar. The “Rock-Ola” stands about 5’7” and has a 14 inch flatscreen LCD at eye level. And just as I noticed the Rock-Ola, the screen stated that it was an internet juke box. Actually it was making the claim “I’m the coolest juke box in the world.” Upon investigating I have to agree.

Ecasting has a great model. Bars can buy a Broadband juke box, which then also doubles as a wireless hub for the establishment. And then patrons can choose from the already downloaded albums, or, for a slight fee, browse Ecast’s whole library and download the song/album that they are looking for. The download stays locked in the machine so there’s no fear of unlicensed distribution. We have a juke box that always has the song that you’re looking for.

And all I have to say is “Damn! Good idea E-Cast.