Things are falling a little more into place. One of the major things is that I finally tracked down my Palm Pilot’s travel USB cable. This seems like such a trivial thing, but it makes a huge difference. Since I don’t have a permanent workspace yet, a fixed cradle is inconvenient. That means with out the cable I can’t sync the Palm or charge it. Which means that I stop using it. And those who know me best know that without it, I’m lost. While my memory can store gigabytes of useless pop culture info, I just don’t do well at remembering practical things like phone numbers and appointments. That’s where the palm comes in. Suddenly I feel so much more organized and ready to face the world.

I’ve got a job fair this afternoon and the possibility of some freelance work. I’m making a lot of headspace progress on the thesis. So today’s an “up day” as far as I’m concerned.