I know that I don’t have a wide readership, but if you know of any college students effected by the Hurricane who are looking for some way to continue thier studies, pass this info along to them:

If you have connections with college students unable to attend fall classes
at universtities in Louisiana & Mississippi, please pass this message on!
RIT is attempting (until 9/12/05) to help those students quickly get into
the fall session at RIT and return to their own schools as they reopen.


RIT Responds To Students Who Will Not Be Able To Attend College This Fall
Due To Hurricane Katrina

RIT (www.rit.edu) has taken the following steps in response to Hurricane

– As of Thursday afternoon, RIT has assisted seven students that were
intending to enroll this fall at one of the colleges that have been closed
due to Hurricane Katrina. They are asking RIT to help them maintain their
progress towards completing their college degrees at their college in
Louisiana or Mississippi.

– RIT is taking a case-by-case individualized approach in helping each
student address their enrollment needs, according to each student’s academic
advising, course schedule, housing and financial situation.

– RIT has limited enrollment spaces in undergraduate and graduate courses
(including Online courses) and will continue to assist students on a space
available basis.

– Although classes begin Monday, Sept. 5th, RIT can continue to help
students to enroll until the last date to add/drop a course on Sept. 12,

– Because RIT is on a quarter academic calendar, students will be able to
complete Fall classes prior to Thanksgiving. This will allow students
attending RIT ample time to transfer back to their intended college in
Louisiana or Mississippi this winter.

– RIT is making financial aid available to students with financial need
taking credit-bearing courses.

Please CONTACT OUR HOTLINE IMMEDIATELY to discuss enrollment options for
this fall.

HOTLINE (we will monitor and respond over the September 3-4 weekend and
Labor Day, September 5). Each telephone number is equipped with voice mail
and you should hear back from RIT within 24 hours.

(585) 329-4669 Marian Nicoletti, Undergraduate Admissions
(585) 313-8427 Roch Whitman, Graduate Admissions
AFTER THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND (8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday)
(585) 475-6736, Marian Nicoletti, Undergraduate Admissions
(866) 260-3950, Roch Whitman, Graduate Admissions