I’ve been meaning to post something other than ruminations for a bit. So I thought I’d share some recent photographs that I’ve taken. ‘Nothing fancy, just shots of everyday life around here.

Hail Stone from this Weekend

This past Sunday was a day of strange weather. That afternoon alternated between sunny skies and wrath of God here in Rochester. At one point we heard what sounded like ping pong balls hitting the roof and realized it was hailing. While I’ve experienced hail before, I never remember it so driving or so large. Nor did I have a digital camera at the time. I know that this is nothing compared to what they get in the American Mid West. Still the novelty of it was enough to warrant a video. Check it out here.

[Stack of books for my database publishing class]

Today, while walking for coffee, Frank Romano called me into his office and thrust this stack of books into my hands. He generously donated these copies of his book Personalized & Database Printing: The Complete Guide to the students in my Database Publishing Class. This is why Frank rocks the party.

And finally…

[Tara -- The Bobcat at Wildwings]

This is Tara the Bobcat, a resident of Wild Wings Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for permanently injured animals (primarily birds of prey). Tara was illegally raised for the exotic pet trade and de-clawed on all four paws before the ring was shut down by the USDA. So she can’t be returned to the wild. Since she’s been raised around humans all her life, she’s pretty calm and sometimes needs a scratch behind the ear (and is gracious enough not to eat my head while I snapped this picture of her).

My connection to Wild Wings is through my better half who is a board member and educator there. If you are ever in the proximity of Mendon Ponds Park, stop by and visit Tara and the other animals!