Update (6/16)
I just found out that the Exchange link was broken. The current exchange site is: http://www.newcloud.com/exchange

I just found out that Anthro grad students at Chicago have started their own online publication called Exchange. I gave it a quick look over and it seems pretty interesting — I guess I should note that interesting all depends on whether or not you are interested in anthropology to begin with.

As far as my claim of understanding Peircian Semiotics, perhaps that was a little premature. I finally seem to "get" the notion/relation of object, sign (and the corresponding ground relationship betwixt the two), interpretant, and the vectors of determination and representation. I also now have a better handle on why it fits so well with linguistics (as well as how it works differently than Saussurian Semiotics). The only problem is all of that is currently in my head and I still a ways away from being able to explain it coherently. One step closer at least.