For the first time in quite a while, I’m not being deluged with spam comments. Up until this point, on an average day, this blog received upwards of 20 cybersex/weight-loss/gambling/loan offers masquerading as user comments. Since the move yesterday to the new URL (”) nothing new has come through. I wonder how long it will take for spammers to update their databases.

It also just occurred to me that all of my RSS feeds are now broken. Though, actually, I’m not sure if they ever worked correctly. One of the great things about this reskinning project is that I’ve finally taken the time to really pull the WordPress engine apart.hI have a much better understanding of how it works and how it can be tweaked. And that provides me with new insight into finally getting a number of WordPress plugins to work.

In other news, its the first day back here at RIT after the mid-quarter, winter break. And sadly, I’m still grading.

In terms of the PhD hunt, I’ve received confirmation now from NYU that they have all of my components. Now the waiting officially begins.